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When Tina Turner consented to play the role of Goddess Shakti in Ismail Merchant's Indian movie

The words “Tina Turner” are synonymous with strength, skill, inspiration, and modesty. The vocalist, who was born in America, was a gift to the music business. Tina, who her followers dubbed the “soul diva,” reinvented rock 'n' roll via her musical exploration. She was not only a pro at singing, composing, and dancing, but her acting abilities also rivaled those of many other stars. She was the ideal candidate for the character of Goddess Shakti in Ismail Merchant's Indian film, The Goddess, due to her charm and amazing personality. A year after Tina Turner was contacted by the producer for her first Indian film, it was revealed in 2004. Ismail Merchant claimed in a statement issued by Merchant Ivory Productions, his production company in partnership with American director James Ivory, that he knew “if there was anything this woman can do then it is become the goddess Shakti” after witnessing Tina give a “extraordinary performance” at New York's Radio City Music Hall.
Ismail realized at this point that only Tina Turner could successfully portray Goddess Shakti on cinema. But he didn't go for her right away. In 2003, a few years after she had retired, he finally made up his mind to approach the legendary actress about it. “I spoke with her manager Roger Davis, who then sent the concept to her. “Go and meet her in Zurich (her home in Switzerland), as Roger said she would like to see you,” the producer said. He explained the concept and screenplay to Tina, who eagerly agreed to be in the movie since she believed she would accurately portray the role. She was excited to study Indian dance and music for the movie with Ustad Zakir Hussain, the table master.
One of the many reasons Tina, a practicing Buddhist at the time, consented to play the part of Goddess Shakti was her strong religious conviction. I was drawn to this movie and the movie to me by the Shakti energy from the cosmos. She remarked in a statement in 2004 that it represents fresh beginnings, skills, and vitality.
In order to familiarize Tina Turner with Indian culture and customs, Ismail Merchant accompanied her on a trip of India after the transaction had been finalized. Tina was needed to sing songs in Hindi, English, and Latin for the movie, which was to be filmed in India in a single schedule in 2004. According to reports, the movie centers on a goddess having influence over the past, present, and future and her connection with a painter (played by Matthew Modine). A narrative of three lovers that takes place in ancient India is told by The Goddess. The plot alternates between the present and the future, according to Ismail.
In order to research for the movie, Tina traveled to South Indian temples and the Ganges. Unfortunately, when Ismail Merchant died unexpectedly on May 25, 2005, while the movie was still in pre-production, The Goddess never got off the ground and was put on hold forever.
The 'Queen of Rock 'n' Roll,' Tina Turner, passed away on Wednesday in Zurich at the age of 83 after a protracted illness. Thanks to her legendary songs like What's Love Got To Do With It, Typical Male, The Best, Private Dancer, and Better Be Good To Me, she will live on in the hearts of her fans forever.

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