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In April 2023, India's coal output increases by 8.6% to 73 million tonnes

In April 2023, India's domestic coal production reached a new high of 73.02 million tonnes, up 8.67% from the 67.20 million tonnes produced in the same month prior year.
In April 2023, Coal India Ltd (CIL) recorded output of 57.57 million tonnes, up from 53.47 million tonnes in the same month the previous year, a 7.67% increase.
By making better use of the mining capabilities of captive and private blocks, the government has opened the door for the release of more coal onto the market. As a result, dry fuel production increased by 17.52 percent to 9.88 million tonnes in April 2023 from the 8.41 million tonnes recorded during the same period of last year.
Additionally, the total amount of coal despatched increased by 11.76% from 71.99 million tonnes in April 2022 to 80.45 million tonnes in April 2023.

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